2021-2022 VOLA Price List is Here!

November 20, 2020

2021-2022 VOLA Price List is Here!

RS11 Hand Sanitizer shown in use

New 2021-2022 VOLA Price List is Here

To Our Trusted Hastings VOLA Dealers: Your Revised 2021–2022 VOLA price list is here


2021-2022 VOLA PDF Pricelist
2021-2022 VOLA Pricelist Spreadsheet
Please Contact Hastings Tile & Bath To Request Your Copies

Important VOLA Pricing Information

Please note that these new VOLA books supersede all other price lists.

As you probably already know, the pricing around raw materials and shipping worldwide increased this past year, and while we’ve been absorbing that cost as long as possible, this new increase from VOLA means we have to increase pricing at this time. These price books will be considered the 2022 price books unless there is another unforeseen raw material increase in 2022.

Any new product pricing goes into effect immediately,
while existing product pricing takes effect OCTOBER 15, 2021.

The Revised Book Includes
  • VOLA’s new RS11 is an addition to their Round Series; an elegant and discreet product for hand-sanitizing. For use in offices, retail and hospitality, VOLA’s new RS11 is a series of dispensers designed by architect and designer and Torben Madsen. Adaptable for dispensing hand sanitizer, foam or fluid soap/gel the VOLA RS11 is available as a freestanding, wall-mounted or table-mounted configuration, making it ideal for all settings – reception, office and bathroom environments. Each configuration uses the same size, well-proportioned cylinder, with a one-liter capacity. In true VOLA style, all mechanisms are hidden to provide you with a flawless, subtle design that complements its environment perfectly. Even the wall fixtures are discreet, helping to create the slimmest possible cylindrical design.
  • The price book includes VOLA-exclusive finishes, which are ONLY available to dealers with current VOLA display panel systems that display the entire range of the exclusive finishes. Contact your sales manager for more details on the Exclusive Series program.
  • Any Existing Job/Project Estimates will expire on October 15, 2021 and will need to be re-quoted.
  • Sustainability. In an effort to protect our environment, the new VOLA price book is printed on recycled paper.
Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions you may have. Thank you for your support.
Bob Gifford
P: 631-285-3330 ex 226