Advantages of Modern Bathroom Design

Free-standing towel rail and wall mounted storage from the Urban collection

Advantages of Modern Bathroom Design


Whether you’re designing a new home or remodeling, it is the perfect opportunity to propel ideas into reality and create exactly what you want in every space, including the bathroom.

Your bathroom needs to be functional, but also needs to reflect your style and theme. Take this space to the next level with luxury solutions and materials designed to endure and elevate your room. Modern bathroom ideas open up a world of possibilities, especially when you leverage dynamic, modular concepts that adapt to your lifestyle and vision.


The Primary Advantages of Modern Bathroom Design

From modular storage solutions that are configurable to your needs to exquisite design that takes your breath away every time you enter the room, there are endless ways to create your dream bathroom. Modern bath design brings many advantages, including improved functionality, maximum comfort, and style that’s just right.


Your bathroom is one of the busiest rooms in your house, so it’s crucial to design it based on how you use it. This includes everything from how you prefer to move around the room to luxury details, such as inner-cabinet LED lighting and drawer organizers. Ensuring you have design flexibility is crucial.  Forward-thinking modern solutions are built on a modular approach these are highly flexible, nimble frameworks that conform to you.

Then there’s storage.

Towels, razors, bandages, hair pins—so many items need to be stored in your bathroom. Personalizing your storage ensures you have everything you need at your fingertips either tucked away or on display.

Never underestimate the importance of lighting. Customize your bathroom lighting to optimize your morning routine or create a relaxing mood with dimmers, along with overhead and in-cabinet lighting at levels as bright or dim as needed. You can design your lighting so it is functional for everyone using it. A properly lit mirror is a must—but a mirror defogger takes any bathroom to the next level.


There are so many styles to consider when designing a bathroom. It’s important to commit to an aesthetic that matches your style and design around it. Are you more of a minimalist? Into the industrial look? Or are you a beach lover with a coastal vibe? Whatever your tastes, you can achieve a luxury design using flexible, tailored design solutions.

Modern bathroom design potential is unlimited, which can be a little daunting. You’ll stay on track if you make your aesthetic decisions through a consistent lens – have your overarching design theme be your lead/guide. It’s easy to fall in love with a fixture or feature that you’ll fall out of love with once everything comes together.


It’s all about you. So if you’re tired of stepping out of the shower to pick up a cold towel, for example, a towel warmer you can sync to your smart home system might be just the thing for you.

Maybe you’re in the home of your dreams and plan to age in place. You can design a bathroom that ages with you, including a curbless shower that exudes style while also being ADA-compliant.

Now, if you have a bold style—lean into it! Showcase your bold spirit in your bathroom design with interesting shapes, bright colors, or unique materials. And make sure you leverage modern conveniences with hands-free taps, sleek towel warmers, and lighted mirrors.


Reshape What’s Possible with Design Flexibility

Today, you can truly get everything you want in bathroom design, including function, style, and personalization. The modular approach puts you in the driver’s seat. The pillars of these design frameworks are interchangeable building blocks that allow you to configure individualized designs that marry visual appeal with function. Settling is a thing of the past!

The modular approach gives you:

  • Access to a diverse spectrum of materials, colors, textures, and finishes that widen design potential and ensure you capture your desired aesthetic.
  • Extensive collections that offer a selection of innovative solutions that adapt to you.
  • An easy way to dynamically mix and match design elements in endless combinations to create a compelling design personalized to your lifestyle needs and room preferences.


Tip: Start with a blank canvas and work with a pro to bring your modern bathroom ideas to life with design flexibility.


Modern Bathroom Ideas in Action

Picture it: the ultimate expression of a captivating, modern bathroom. It starts with a multi-level counter/vanity concept and open shelving to provide storage and elegance. The asymmetry draws attention, while the waterfall vanity design teases the eye.

The two-toned customized storage mirror brings the look together with integrated shelves. Then you have stunning geometrically arranged wall storage solutions that intermix depths and open with concealed storage to add dimension and character to any space.

The most impressive detail? Integrated, grooved drawer pulls that carry through the minimalist theme, providing low-profile function and style.


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