Bathroom Vanity Colors

sink shown in white marble finish with white marble background

Bathroom Vanity Colors

Bathroom Vanity Colors

The bathroom is a foundational element of your home design. As with any room, color plays a crucial role in creating an inspired, well-designed bathroom. A luxury, Italian-designed vanity pairing the proper color scheme can be the differentiating, statement-making factor that taps into a sleek, timeless aesthetic.

Hastings Tile & Bath offers a deep selection of custom bathroom vanity designs to satiate high-end tastes and inspire designers with compelling finishes and clean lines. Choose from an eclectic range of colors for your designed-for-you vanity and discover the color palette that brings your room to life while speaking to your individuality.

Modern Bathroom Vanity Colors

Color plays a vital role in any design. The color blend and accenting detail you choose affects your bathroom’s overall appearance, mood, aesthetic and more. It’s important to consider the purpose and benefit of each color, how they harmonize with your bathroom and how they will suit your tastes and improve your bathroom’s design.

Modern Bathroom Vanity Colors

Consider the following attributes of some go-to vanity colors to decide which would be most appealing in your bathroom:

  • White modern bathroom vanity: Light-colored cabinets tend to reflect the light. For this reason, white vanities can make your bathroom appear larger. If you have a small or dark bathroom, a white vanity could improve your space by creating the illusion of more room.
  • Black modern bathroom vanity: On the opposite end of the spectrum, dark colors absorb light. If you have a larger bathroom, black is a great color for adding dynamic contrast and presence in your room.
  • Grey modern bathroom vanity: As a minimalist favorite, grey vanities can offer a more neutral yet stylish alternative to bolder colors such as black. Grey can complement many other accent colors and provides a distinct contrast in warmer and cooler color palettes.
  • Brown modern bathroom vanity: Brown vanities reflect a more natural approach, leaning on natural wooden colors for inspiration. These vanities can add warmth and create a living atmosphere for a sophisticated and calm look in your bathroom.


Vibrant Colors

Floating green vanity on a white marble wall

Want to make a splash in your room, want to push the envelope and make a hard-hitting visual statement we have got your back.

  • Individuality: Everyone has their own style if you want to turn heads, add a vibrant pop of color our design flexible vanity collections afford you the latitude to hit your mark.
  • Statement-making: Push blasé aside and blaze your own trail. Meld and blend our color palette to create your effect.


Find Inspiration in Contemporary Vanities From Hastings Tile & Bath

Hastings Tile & Bath exclusively sources bath and tile products from Europe to inspire designers, architects and end-users with eye-catching, innovative and minimalist collections. Our design flexibility allows for unique, customized solutions meeting your specific creative vision.

Our line of Italian-crafted bathroom vanities offers modern design choices for discerning audiences. We offer robust colors and finish materials for our signature designs so you can choose the hue that exudes your aesthetic.

Discover looks you’ll love when you browse our collection of luxury bathroom vanities. Complete your bathroom’s look with selections from our line of VOLA collections.

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