Update to Brand/Visual Identity Announcement!

Hastings New Logo

Update to Brand/Visual Identity Announcement!


Just as your luxury bathroom needs the occasional renovation, sometimes a brand identity needs a refresh. We’ve been busy behind the scenes working on the Hastings brand, realigning our visual identity with our vision to rediscover the possibility and potential of bathroom design through the lens of personalization. As with our design collections, our new energized identity aims to inspire your design aspirations and encourage you to explore design possibilities that intrinsically adapt to your style, your space, and your individuality.


Why Update the Hastings Brand?

We have matured over 138 years from our roots as a pavers and tile company. To meet the evolving needs of modern customers, we have shifted our focus toward reimagining bathroom decor and styling through the lens of design flexibility, modular design, and highly dynamic concepts. With design-forward brands like VOLA and Vetro Glass basins, we’ve brought the stunning work of global artisans and iconic designers to the US market.

What hasn’t changed is what has always been rooted in our DNA. We continually strive to be a source of design inspiration and a gateway to discovering leading-edge, compelling design solutions that push creativity forward and adapt to our clients’ aesthetic, functional, and lifestyle needs. Our commitment to service, quality, and innovation also remains unchanged, but we have outgrown our sole focus on tile and have created a new brand identity that reflects where we are now.


Hastings Brand Update Highlights

Our new visual identity aims to capture the Hastings brand with modern shapes in rich colors that can be personalized for every use case—just like all of our design collections.

Company Name

Hastings Bath Collection is a name that better reflects who we are now. Tile remains part of our product offering in our NYC showroom, but as we continue to grow our extensive bath collection range, we need our name to align with what we do best.


We’re a modern company with a fresh, energetic logo. Bold, bright colors blend seamlessly together to create a striking, well-balanced shape that evokes the infinite design possibilities ever-present in VOLA’s diverse color palette, our modular vanity and storage solutions, and personalizable countertops and basins.

Colors and Visual Identity

Tangerine, pink, and dark blue provide a fresh, energized take on the well-established Hastings brand. These complementary colors set the stage for supporting hues like coral, periwinkle, and dark purple to make the occasional appearance. Used in the logo and in accents throughout our visual identity, gradients provide subtle moments of style and speak to our dynamic nature.

You might also notice an underlying pattern of shapes accompanying some of our graphics. These pops of color are specially designed to provide visual interest with an underlying consistency—and allusion to personalization—across the brand.


Contemporary sans serif geometric fonts represent our overall modern design ethos. Clean and easy to read, Poppins is perfectly balanced and marries with the curvature of the new mark.


Get to Know the New Hastings

We’re excited about the Hastings brand transformation and look forward to expanding our collection of modular luxury bath products. While we’re in the process of making these updates, come by the showroom, schedule a design consultation, or explore the website to get to know us better.

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