VOLA Faucets: Deck-Mounted vs. Wall-Mounted

Deck mounted VOLA faucet in a luxury cement bathroom

VOLA Faucets: Deck-Mounted vs. Wall-Mounted


When choosing luxury bathroom faucets, there are a number of factors to consider. Do you want to make a bold statement, blend into a minimalist design, or incorporate fresh and modern fixtures? Beyond the desired aesthetic, you also have to think about the functionality and how the faucet juxtaposes with the basin, vanity, or console.

Fortunately, VOLA’s modular system is designed to serve both form and function: It’s the intersection point of timeless Danish design and usability that adapts to support your lifestyle. Let’s explore some of the ways you can configure luxury bathroom faucets and why they might work for your space.


Wall-Mounted VOLA Faucets

Wall mounted matte silver VOLA faucet

If you have a vessel basin or you’re aiming for an uninterrupted, minimalist look, a wall-mounted faucet like VOLA’s 111, 121, or 311 offers sleek solutions with a single mixer, elegantly curved spout, and the option to align the elements either horizontally or vertically.

Wall-mounted faucets also have the advantage of freeing up countertop space, so they are a great choice for smaller bathrooms or vanities with limited surface area. Select the spout length depending on the basin design and distance from the edge of the countertop. If you prefer the look of a slender profile, the vertical nature of the 311 faucet delivers on both visual appeal and modern aesthetics.

If you want the convenience of a hands-free experience, the 4821, 4921, and 4311 electronic faucets come with an adjustable on/off sensor positioned either below or next to the faucet and are ADA-approved


Deck-Mounted VOLA Faucets

VOLA 590T36 Polished

If you have an integrated basin and enough space on the counter, a deck-mounted faucet is a classic look. You can also install a deck-mounted faucet with a vessel basin as long as the spout is tall enough to cover the lip of the vessel.

Deck-mounted faucets have the advantage of being easier to install than their wall-mounted counterparts, and come in a wide array of styles.

VOLA’s 500 series offers a range of stylish deck-mounted options, including fixed spouts, swivel spouts, and hand sprayers. You can choose the spout shape, height and length that suits your aesthetic and day-to-day needs, from tall and elegantly sloped to more petite versions with a low profile.

With VOLA’s modular approach, you have the freedom to interchange elements; decide whether to craft a look with one, two, or three holes; and choose the finish that best matches your aesthetic.


ADA Considerations

If you’re planning to age in place, select your luxury bathroom faucets with the future in mind. Hands-free electronic faucets with integrated sensors can be wall-mounted or deck-mounted. If you choose a manual faucet, consider the location of the mixer. A deck-mounted faucet that’s closer to the edge of the countertop may be ideal for accessibility. Spout length is also a consideration, especially if you opt for a wall-mounted solution. Make sure you can easily reach the water stream from a variety of positions. Lastly, consider using Vola’s 2” or 4” peg for easier faucet activation.


Start Your Design Journey

Whether you’re just upgrading your fixtures, remodeling a primary bath, or designing a luxury bathroom for new construction, the Hastings team is here to help every step of the way. When it comes to VOLA, as the exclusive U.S. and Canadian distributor, our team knows the product line inside and out, allowing us to provide expert guidance.

VOLA’s modular system offers infinite possibilities, which can feel like a lot. We’ll help you cut through the noise and recommend personalized configurations based on your lifestyle and aesthetic goals.

Getting started is easy. Just schedule a consultation with one of our design strategists and we’ll meet you where you are in the design process, no matter your level of experience.

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