Design Customization with Hastings

Luxury open floor bathroom with modular vanity, a free-standing tub and open storage

Design Customization with Hastings


The bathroom is one of the most personal spaces in a home, which is why customizing and personalizing it is so important. Meeting your lifestyle and functional needs is essential, but that should never be at the expense of style. At Hastings, our design experts take a targeted approach, exploring the atmosphere you’re looking to create, how you use your space, and your personal aesthetic goals to align with or uncover your vision.

Let’s take a closer look at what it’s like to design a bathroom with the Hastings team.


Who We Work With

Hastings works with people and organizations all over the country to design luxury bathroom furnishings that propel ideas, capture your visual aesthetic and enhance functionality.

Professional Designers

Architects, interior designers, and other design professionals at every level benefit from working with the Hastings team. Our curated collections are inherently personalizable using our innovative modular approach. With versatile design concepts and unparalleled flexibility, you can actualize your client’s goals by leaning on a design framework that allows you to transform ideas into reality. With Hastings, you don’t have to aimlessly search for rigid pieces that fit—you define the goals and we craft the ideal solutions together.

Homeowners and End Users

If you’re designing a bathroom on your own, our team is here to be your guide and soundboard. If you’re working with an interior designer or architect, we’ll work in tandem to deliver on your design needs. We tailor our approach to meet you where you are, no matter how much prior experience you have with bathroom design or what phase you’re in. We know that sometimes endless possibilities can be overwhelming, so we’ll simplify the journey to bring your design vision to life.


Personalized Bathroom Design with Hastings

When your bathroom design journey begins, a design strategist will guide you through a time-tested process that results in a tailored solution.


Our design team will get to know you and your project to uncover your design intent and goals and learn more about what design style, theme, and decor fit your vision. Our versatile design frameworks lay the groundwork, allowing our team to configure the design that strikes the right chord. We’ll gauge your likes and dislikes, identify the must-haves, and layer in the features, details, and visuals that catch your eye. This is where our design team thrives—we guide you from start to finish.


Show us what you love! What draws your eye on Pinterest? Have you created a mood board for your vision? We’ll show you some design-centric ideas to see what hits the mark. This is where we expand before we narrow. We have forward-thinking concepts and designs that might shake up your vision and get you to rethink what’s possible.


Once we have a sense of what you like, we’ll develop several concepts that we think match your vision. We’ll share color schemes, design motifs, design accents, and other ideas to see what grabs your attention. We’ll probably also throw in some surprises, which is one of the many benefits of working with an experienced luxury bathroom design team.


Based on your feedback, we work together to further polish the design and get it exactly where you want it to be. We’ll test different sizes and configurations—our modular approach lets us do this with total design flexibility—patterns, textures, colors, accents, and more. Our design strategists have all the insight you need to capture the luxury bathroom design that matches your vision.


Get Started Today with Hastings

The process to get started is easy. Just get in touch to schedule a consultation and a design strategist will guide you through the entire process from beginning to end. We look forward to getting to know you!


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