Free-Standing Bathtubs

September 14, 2020

Free-Standing Bathtubs

Have You Seen Hastings Lately?

Free-Standing Bathtubs

Heading into Fall, many designers have been asking about free-standing bathtubs, which can only mean one thing: the weather is getting colder and people are starting to think of how nice a warm bath feels. All of our Silk tubs are made exclusively of OMOXO solid surface compound. This is a proprietary formulation comprised of a high concentration of polyester resin as a bonding agent, plus polymerized granules which develop the beautiful color and distinctive finish utilized throughout the product lines. This means they are capable of standing up to the rigors of daily use without compromise. Better yet, they are “Made in America”—manufactured in Texas. We have a wide variety of free-standing Silk tubs, and we’re certain that you’ll be able to find just the right style for your design.
All tubs are available in the following finishes:
Polished White, Matte White, Polished Grey, Matte Grey.

Chelsea 66″

A sharp Hastings redesign, the Chelsea features a transitional slipper-tub-inspired design with wide, open dimensions and a slightly higher back for bonus ergonomics in the bath.
Length 66″, Width 34″, Height 27″ (highest point) 21″ (lowest point)

Chelsea 60″

A space-saving version of the Chelsea 66″. Accommodating and stylish, carrying the same sultry figure and user-friendly form.
Length 60″, Width 32″, Height 25″ (highest point) 20″ (lowest point)

Lavasca XS

With a unique oblong design, the Bella bathtub envelopes with fluid curves and fetching outline.
Length 63-3/4″, Width 35-1/2″, Height 22-1/2″

Urban Towel Rail

The Perfect Accessory
Tall and with a slim profile, the Urban Freestanding Towel Rail is the perfect accessory for bathrooms where space is a consideration. Standing 31 1/2″ tall, the Freestanding Towel Rail is constructed of sturdy steel with an optional shelf base, available in five painted finishes. The shelf base is available in lacquered, lacquered woodgrain, 3D, Soft-Touch, Brushed Metal, Fenix, HPL, Porcelain and Cement Resin.


The deep, expansive Lunar tub features meticulous proportions for a decidedly contemporary aesthetic.
Length 59″, Width 32″, Height 23″
Length 66″, Width 32″, Height 25″
Length 71″, Width 31-1/2″, Height 25″


The graceful Dune bathtub calls forth a sense of motion with a windswept-like silhouette.
Length 59″, Width 32″, Height 29″ (highest point) 23″ (lowest point)
Length 68″, Width 34″, Height 29″ (highest point) 23″ (lowest point)


The Oval bathtub features slanting, asymmetrical contours and rounded, extended edges.
Length 58″, Width 36-3/4″, Height 19-1/2″


The angularity of the geometric Sparta bathtub is at once austere and alluring.
Length 66″, Width 32″, Height 19″