Laundry Rooms Take on New Roles – Article Feature

October 2, 2020

Laundry Rooms Take on New Roles – Article Feature

Article Feature in
“Kitchen & Bath Design News”

Laundry Rooms Take on New Roles
In a recent article in Kitchen and Bath Design News about how COVID is changing the way we live, Bob Gifford, director of business development at Hastings Tile & Bath, spoke with Wellness author and designer, Jamie Gold on the need for flexible design options in what was traditionally known simply as the laundry room. This room now has multiple purposes and we were happy to provide some information about our Urban Wash collection; built precisely for this purpose. Read more here:
Please read the excerpt below that introduces the article or click the following link to read the complete article posting:

As more people work from home, laundry rooms have become light, bright multi- purpose spaces dedicated to cleanliness.

Where did your grandmother do laundry? Was it in a basement or garage? Where do you do yours? If you live in a single family home built in the last five or 10 years, it might very well be in a spacious, stylish room filled with natural light.

Laundry rooms have come a long way, baby! In fact, a funny thing happened along the way… homeowners started using them for non-
laundry activities, and the spaces evolved into multi-function flex rooms. It’s not uncommon now to find them hosting gardening hobbies, pet washing stations and other messy pastimes. Their access to water, cleaning supplies and typically durable, low-maintenance finishes make those a natural. They also do double-duty for hosting extra appliances, household storage and admin work, like paying bills and wrapping gifts.

These upgraded laundry/flex rooms provide income-generating opportunities for designers, remodelers, homebuilders and manufacturers. To explore these, I reached out to five industry pros.

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