Technical Update: VOLA Spout Connection 2021

April 9, 2021

Technical Update: VOLA Spout Connection 2021

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VOLA Spout Connection 2021

We are excited to now offer ALL VOLA spout connections in a new way. The Decorative finished Spout Collar cover is now separate from the connection itself. This has many benefits:
  • Visually there is no longer a visible set screw on any spout connection – it is now hidden behind the NEW Finished cap.
  • It’s easy to install with a simple hidden snap ring, just push it in place, hear a click and it’s in place.
  • All extensions are NOW unfinished parts, if needed they will be available more quickly in all sizes with no need to worry about the finish. Simply use the decorative trim ring originally included with your finished parts.
  • When ordering new trim for all products there is nothing new/different for dealers to do, we have made all internal changes necessary.
  • If ordering extensions for older items shipped before or near April 1st 2021 please contact technical service and we will help determine the correct new VR parts code to fit the old style trim plates or rosettes. The new collars are not compatible with the old trim plates and rosettes as the internal diameter has changed. These codes are not in the price list but are the same price as the new finished parts. The attached updated PDF does have more details on the codes.
  • NEW extensions are date specific, new style models will no longer need a finish, so no need to specify finish when ordering using the NEW VR codes on additional supplement price list pages 62-63 that can be provided upon request.
    A summary of the changes can be downloaded here and your local sales team will be reaching out to set up a training session on these changes. For future parts, as with all VOLA products, they will always be available and date-specific, technical service will guide you as needed.