The Cubik Collection

April 8, 2020

The Cubik Collection

Have You Seen Hastings Lately?

The Cubik Collection

If you need inspiration for any upcoming bathroom projects, take a look at our Cubik collection. Cubik is another example of what we mean when we say we believe in “Design Flexibility”. We anticipate a lot of interest in Cubik’s trough-style sink!
A modular concept centering around a trough-style sink with a minimalist design, Cubik offers cabinets that can be offset, staggered or adjoined to create a personalized configuration. Available in two sink and two side cabinet sizes. Cabinets are available in four high pressure laminate (HPL) waterproof finishes (Rovere Prussia, Noce Savoia, Rovere Slavonia, Rivel). The collection also has wall storage cabinets available in two sizes. Details are what make the difference – cabinets have grooved handles on top of the drawer in your choice of matte white or matte black powder-coated finishes allowing you to accent or pair with your bathroom design.
Here are more details:

Four Cabinet Finishes

  • High pressure laminate waterproof finishes*
  • Rovere Prussia
  • Noce Savoia
  • Rovere Slavonia
  • Rivel
  • *cabinets only

Drawer Accessories

Available in a black metal or luxurious oak finish. Each feature an anti-slip mat with one or more dividers. Optional add-on.

Basin Sizes

60 cm (23-5/8″)
100 cm (39-3/8″)

Side Cabinets

40 cm (15-3/4″)
80 cm (31-1/2″)

Wall Storage Cabinets

70 cm (27-1/2″) H
40 cm (15-3/4″) W
18 cm (7-1/8″) D
160 cm (63″) H
40 cm (15-3/4″) W
37 cm (14-1/2″) D

Handle Detail

A choice of matte white or matte black handle inserts.


A deep, trough-style basin with coordinating matte white cover drain. Functional and pleasing to the eye.