ICFF 2019

ICFF 2019 featured our multi-faceted Underground, Class and Urban vanity collections, the newly redesigned Chelsea tub in a striking gloss grey finish and the highly anticipated new matte white finish from VOLA. Take a look at the show highlights.

Hastings Trade Shows + Showroom

Hastings Tile & Bath Showroom

Located in the Architects & Designers building in midtown Manhattan. Our showroom offers stylish contemporary designs to tailor your bath including the timeless Arne Jacobsen designed VOLA line.

Hastings Tile & Bath WestEdge Design Fair Recap

Taking place in Santa Monica, California we displayed our latest customizable Class, Underground and Urban vanity collections as well as unveiling VOLA’s new matte white finish.

Hastings Tile & Bath at KBIS 2019

Hastings was pleased to be among one of the first brands exhibiting at the inaugural “Salon by KBIS” at the 2019 Kitchen and Bath Show in Las Vegas. Celebrating the iconic VOLA 50 year anniversary as well as showcasing the versatile Urban vanity series.

Hastings news appearance
House Tipster Industry – Ep 18 – LIVE from KBIS with HASTINGS

House Tipster Host and Arch-Interiors Design Group, Inc. designer Christopher Grubb is live at KBIS from the Hastings Tile & Bath booth.

Vola Videos

VOLA STORIES – Form and Function

A chronicle, the history of the HV1 the modern day tap from its inception. The design, proportions, simplicity and uncompromising care for detail that make it the most imitated faucet design in the world.

VOLA STORIES – Infinite Possibilities

The VOLA modular system an aesthetic masterpiece, one design with boundless possibilities. Starting with the revolutionary 111 wall-mount mixer and ever-present with each VOLA design.

VOLA STORIES – The Home of Vola

The VOLA factory is a hub of design and manufacturing, where traditional craft and contemporary efficiencies intersect. The VOLA KV1 is the most emblematic of all products produced by the company’s proud workforce, representing Danish precision and craftsmanship.


Since the very beginning, VOLA has demonstrated an unwavering approach to quality control, understanding that only the best makes a sustainable product. The production process ensures 100% of all waste returns back to VOLA, celebrating VOLA’s affinity with the environment, creating a complete life cycle of raw materials.

VOLA STORIES – Water and Wellness

Wellness has always been at the core of VOLA. The bathroom should be an area of total departure from the stresses of modern day life. The purity of the FS1 emphasizes the ritual and calmness of bathing, providing the very best sensory experience.

VOLA STORIES – Always Evolving

Consistency is driven by logic, but innovation is driven by passion. The T39 demonstrates VOLA’s ability to develop new products beautifully, within their principle design system. VOLA’s insatiable curiosity continues to lead the company towards innovative progression.

Danish Design and the Future – Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen

Presenting “Danish design and the future”, the first installment of the VOLA short film series “On Design”. Reflect with founding partner of Denmark’s Norm Architects Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen on the traditions of Scandinavian design, timeless aesthetics, natural materials and upholding the Modernist principles of restraint and refinement. To explore more interviews, case studies and articles, visit their new web-based platform “On Design”.

A Great Danish Designer – Jorn Utzon

The second installment of the “On Design” series of short films by iconic Danish brand VOLA features architectural pioneer Jørn Utzon. Presented by the Utzon Centre’s Creative Director, Lasse Andersson, the film examines three of the Danish designer’s architectural masterpieces: The Sydney Opera House in Australia, Can Lis in Mallorca and the groundbreaking Ahm House in the UK. Deeply influenced by nature and minimalism, Utzon is one of the most celebrated and visionary designers the world over.

Production & Product Videos

Hastings Tile & Bath – Bathtubs Molding and Hand Sanding Detail

Using techniques both time-honored and new, each Hastings’ bathtub is carefully crafted and detailed with hand-sanding and precision-engineering.

Hastings Tile & Bath – Bathtubs Material Quality and Testing

As you can see in this video, when we say our solid surface bathtubs and sinks are tested, durable and easy to care for, we mean it.

The Unsung Craft Behind a Contemporary Countertop

The craftsmen who create these countertops and integrated basins are skilled artisans who work with modern materials. In this video, a cement resin composite is installed…

Our Urban Collection As Seen From the Factory

Take a tour of our factory in Italy to see how our Urban collection is created; from inception to finished product. The Urban collection is the perfect combination of technology, ingenuity and of course skilled craftsmen – all working to produce one of the most diverse contemporary collections we offer.

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