VOLA Introduces Newest Spa Products

December 9, 2015

VOLA Introduces Newest Spa Products

Hastings Tile & Bath has just introduced VOLA’s newest collection of in-shower, spa products which are as invigorating as they are beautiful. VOLA has teamed up with the architects and designers of Aarhus Arkitekterne from Aarhus to develop two fittings that are as simple as they are elegant, and which offer a spa experience in even the smallest of bathrooms. At the same time, the functional, pared-down design of the new “080W” waterfall shower and the “070W” Kneipp hose makes them all-round winners. In fact, the collection has just won the prestigious German Design Award 2016 in the category of Bath and Wellness.

Invigorating, stimulating, refreshing: Improved circulation is the reward for anyone brave enough to switch their shower from “hot” to “cold”. For centuries, Europeans have believed in what they call ‘spa methodology’, which extols the virtues of cleansing the body by using the contrast of warmth (via steam) and cold (via water.) While the intention is for these products to be used ‘cold’, they can be combined with standard shower mixers to be used as both hot and cold.

Particularly striking is the slimline, cylindrical form of the waterfall shower, with its long, narrow slit at the front, through which a broad stream of water can flow. One intricate detail: While the inlet cylinder is placed to the rear on the right-hand side, the outlet cylinder is on the left at the front – presenting a visual “counterweight” that creates symmetry. The hose is available in various high-quality finishes, including brushed stainless steel, chrome and all VOLA finishes.

An ideal addition is the Kneipp hose in pure white, which has a particularly generous diameter of 2.5 centimeters, allowing water to flow plentifully and making it suitable for targeted massage and alternating temperature treatments. With its cylindrically-shaped end pieces, the hose mirrors the design characteristics of the waterfall shower, and here too the team from Aarhus Arkitekterne achieved a refined symmetry: The hose connection point and the holder for the end piece are mounted on the wall in parallel to one another, forming a visual link. The new fittings bear the proven “signature” of all things VOLA. They are simple, sculptured items of beauty, which take their cue from basic geometric shapes and represent timeless design.