VOLA – Round Series In-Wall Products

October 14, 2020

VOLA – Round Series In-Wall Products

Have You Seen Hastings Lately?

Image depicting man using vola wall dispenser
More and more over the past few months we’ve been hearing designers talk about projects requiring products that provide a level of security against germs and viruses. So we wanted to highlight some products from VOLA, since they designed a hands-free electronic faucet almost 20 years ago. Since that time, they’ve also designed a suite of in-wall products used in both residential and hospitality projects. These collections are not only “pure VOLA” design-wise, they also provide the sense of security that is in demand right now.
Image depicting man closing vola wall product

The Round Series In-Wall Products

The point of departure for the design of any VOLA product is the geometric form of the circle as a key design element. Based on the classic VOLA design, their Round Series of in-wall products feature a ring enclosing a cylinder with a front panel with black or white inserts. The ring on all of these is available in a choice of 27 finishes, including polished chrome and brushed stainless steel. The panels are made from a high quality PC/ABS material, similar to materials used in the electronic and automobile industry. The materials are made to withstand humidity and they are fire-resistant (class UL94 VO).
Image depicting vola wall product

The Waste Bin

True to tradition, the VOLA waste bin (RS1) is unobtrusive with the less aesthetically pleasing elements built into the wall. It can be opened by gently pushing the front with a hand or knee. The open/close mechanism is smooth and silent. The bin is easy to empty and with no floor contact, need not be moved for cleaning. The waste bin follows VOLA’s longstanding design principles of maintaining the cleanest possible lines coupled with design innovation.
Image depicting man retrieving paper towel from vola wall product

The Paper Tissue Dispenser

Also based on the classic VOLA design, the paper tissue dispenser (RS2) has a circular rim enclosing a cylinder with a silky-soft, smooth surface built into the wall. A concealed spring makes sure the tissues are always pushed to the front. You can easily see if the dispenser needs refilling, and new paper tissues can be simply inserted by pulling the cylinder forward.

Retrofit Waste Bin with Lid

A wall-hung version of the in-wall waste bin, the RS5 can literally be placed anywhere. It has a lid that closes, and it slides open like a drawer for bag changing.
Image depicting vola wall product
Close up depicting vola hand soap dispenser

Soap Dispenser with LED Lighting Built-In

Also based on the soothing VOLA circle and echoing the other products, the Soap Dispenser (RS10) is aligned to the wall saving space and keeping the washroom spotless.
Close up depicting vola products

Electronic Faucets

Not only is VOLA an iconic name in faucet design, they are without a doubt the leader in faucet technology. VOLA’s hands-free faucet is the most efficient (good for LEED certification). Each VOLA electronic faucet features a standard flow rate of 1.2 gpm, in addition to adjustable time settings for the cycles from 3 to 20 seconds. These models use .02 gpm per second, so a 3 second cycle will use only .06gpm. The max flow per cycle would be 20 seconds at .4gpm
Image depicting hands holding vola product

VOLA and Sustainability

For more than 50 years, VOLA has used best practices in design and manufacturing to ensure that they meet the strictest standards for sustainability. They firmly state that their designs prioritize sustainability over trends. They’ve recently updated their website so designers and architects can explore more deeply their commitment to the planet, and there are Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), which carry 3rd party validations available for download.